Audio I/O


File Formats


You can view any audio track as a Spectrogram instead of a Waveform by selecting one of the Spectral views from the Track Pop-Down Menu. This dialog lets you adjust some of the settings for these spectrograms.


Use this panel to set the location of Audacity's temporary directory (folder). Audacity uses this directory whenever you work on a project that you haven't saved as an Audacity Project (AUP file) yet. You have to restart Audacity (close and open it again) for changes to the temporary directory to take effect.



This panel lets you change keyboard shortcuts. All of the commands that appear in Audacity menus appear on the left, along with a few other buttons that can get keyboard shortcuts. To change a command, first click on the command you want to change. Then type the new keyboard shortcut on your keyboard. Verify that the correct shortcut appears in the box below. If it's what you want, press the Set button. Or to get rid of a keyboard shortcut, press Clear.

To reset to Audacity's defaults, press the Defaults button. This will get rid of any changes you have made.

If you have customized your keyboard layout and want to share it with someone else, you can press Save... and save your complete keyboard layout as an XML file that you can share. To load an existing layout, press the Load... button and locate the XML file.


This panel doesn't let you change anything, but it lets you view all of the commands and actions that you can do using the mouse, many by holding down extra modifier keys.