Track Pop-Down Menu

The Track Pop-Down Menu appears when you click in a track's title. This lets you access a few special commands that apply to individual tracks.

Name... - lets you change the name of the track.

Move Track Up - exchange places with the track above this one.

Move Track Down - exchange places with the track below this one.

Waveform - sets the display to Waveform - this is the default way of visualizing audio.

Waveform (dB) - similar to Waveform, but on a logarithmic scale, measured in decibels (dB).

Spectrum - display the track as a spectrogram, showing the amount of energy in different frequency bands.

Pitch (EAC) - highlights the contour of the fundamental frequency (musical pitch) of the audio, using the Enhanced Autocorrelation (EAC) algorithm.

Mono - makes this track a mono track, meaning it is played out of just one speaker, or played out of the left and right speakers equally.

Left Channel - makes this track come out of only the left speaker.

Right Channel - makes this track come out of only the right speaker.

Make Stereo Track - if there is another track below this one, joins them to make a single stereo track, with the top track representing the left speaker, and the bottom track representing the right speaker. When tracks are joined into a stereo pair, all edits automatically apply to both the left and right channel.

Split Stereo Track - if the selected track is a stereo track (a pair of left and right tracks joined together as a single track), this operation splits them into two separate tracks that you can modify and edit independently.

Set Sample Format - this determines the quality of the audio data and the amount of space it takes up. 16-bit is the quality used by audio CD's and is the minimum quality that Audacity uses internally (8-bit audio files are automatically converted when you open them). 24-bit is used in higher-end audio hardware. 32-bit float is the highest quality that Audacity supports, and it is recommended that you use 32-bit float unless you have a slow computer or are running out of disk space.

Set Rate - sets the number of samples per second of the track. 44100 Hz is used by audio CDs. Tracks can have different sample rates in Audacity; they are automatically resampled to the project sample rate (in the lower-left corner of the window).