Audacity: volně dostupný zvukový editor a rekordér

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Někdo na eBay prodává Audacity. Je to legální?

It is legal to sell Audacity, as long as the seller makes the program and source code available under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Some vendors try to trick customers by selling unmodified Audacity software under a different name. If you bought a product and later found out it was Audacity, we encourage you to ask for a refund or file a complaint if you feel you did not get a fair deal. We ask vendors to give proper credit to the Audacity project, and allow users to make an informed choice.

If you have concerns that Audacity (unmodified or otherwise) is being sold without a copy of the GPL, or without any offer to provide source code, please e-mail us in confidence.

If you want to obtain Audacity on CD, free ISO downloads and inexpensive CDs by post are available from suppliers on our Audacity on CD page.

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