Audacity: вільне програмне забезпечення для запису та редагування звукових даних

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Як зібрати Audacity


The wxWidgets library is required. Audacity 2.0.6 requires wxGTK 2.8.12. The libsndfile library is also required and is included in Audacity obtained from SVN. Installation of other libraries is optional.

CMake is required to build libsoxr which is now the Audacity default resampling library.

If you install libraries using a package management system like Apt or RPM, you need to install the "dev" (development) packages for each library.


Щоб зібрати Audacity, виконайте таку команду у каталозі з початковими кодами Audacity:

./configure && make

You can type ./configure --help to see a list of compilation options. After Audacity is compiled, run make install as root to install it.

Those new to compiling are recommended to look at Compiling Audacity for Beginners. Information for Developers is at Developer Guide.