Audacity: Voľne dostupný zvukový editor a rekordér

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Plug-Ins and Libraries

You can download and install plug-ins or libraries to add extra functionality to Audacity. Plug-ins can give you extra effects, or more audio generation and analysis capability. Adding libraries can allow you to import or export additional audio formats.

Plug-In Installation

To install new LADSPA or Nyquist plug-ins, place them in the Plug-Ins folder inside the Audacity installation folder. On Windows computers, this is usually under "Program Files". On Mac OS X, it is usually under "Applications". On Linux, you can use various plug-in locations. Restart Audacity, then the addded plug-ins will appear underneath the divider in the "Effect", "Generate" or "Analyze" menus.

LADSPA Pluginy

Audacity has built-in support for LADSPA plug-ins. These plug-ins are mostly built for Linux, but some are available for other operating systems too. Audacity includes some sample LADSPA effects. Windows users can install an additional set of over 90 LADSPA plug-ins. There is a similar set of LADSPA plug-ins for Mac. More information and many LADSPA plug-ins for Linux can be found on the LADSPA web site.

LV2 Plug-Ins

Audacity has built-in support for LV2 plug-ins, which are an extensible successor of LADSPA effects. LV2 plug-ins are mostly built for Linux, but Audacity supports LV2 on all operating systems. To install LV2 plug-ins, place them in the system LV2 location then restart Audacity.

Nyquist Pluginy

Audacity má zabudovanú podporu pre Nyquist efekty na všetkých operačných systémoch. Môžete si stiahnuť ďaľšie Nyquist pluginy, alebo vytvoriť vlastné pomocou Nyquist programovacieho jazyka . Nyquist kódy môžu byť testované pomocou "Nyquist Prompt" pod menu Efekt, alebo kód pre Nyquist pluginy, ktoré generujú zvuk môžu byť rýchlo testované pomocou Nyquist Generate Prompt.

VST Pluginy

On Windows and Mac, Audacity can load VST effects (but not VST instruments). The VST Enabler is no longer required. Enable "Rescan VST effects" in the Effects Preferences and restart Audacity when you want to add new effects. See "How do I install VST plug-ins?" for more information.

VST effects can be found on many plug-in sites such as:

The VST Plug-ins page on the Audacity Wiki contains further help for VST plug-ins, and lists a large number of VST plug-ins that have been reported to work well in Audacity.

Audio Unit Plug-Ins

On Mac OS X only, Audacity loads Audio Unit plug-ins automatically from system plug-in directories. Audacity will not recognize any Audio Units in its own "plug-ins" folder.

Programové knižnice

The LAME MP3 encoding library allows Audacity to export audio in the popular MP3 format. To install the LAME library, please read our LAME FAQ.

The FFmpeg import/export library allows Audacity to import and export many additional audio formats such as AC3, AMR(NB), M4A and WMA, and to import audio from video files. Audacity 2.0.6 and later requires FFmpeg 1.2 or later (or libav 0.8 or later). To install FFmpeg, please read our FFmpeg FAQ.