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Audacity 1.3:工程儲存及修復

從1.3.2版起,Audacity會隨時自動存檔。 如果Audacity當機了, 或者您的電腦當機、沒電, 當您下次開啟Audacity時,會提醒您仍有尚未儲存的工程, 並復原它。

One common source of confusion with Audacity is that when you open or import an uncompressed file (e.g. WAV or AIFF), Audacity by default saves time and memory by only linking to the file, not copying it. But if you move, rename or delete the original file, your Audacity project will not work anymore. Starting with version 1.3.2, Audacity prompts the first time you save your project, and on exiting, if the project depends on other audio files. If there is a dependency, Audacity gives you the option of copying the required files into the project, making it self-contained.

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