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Audacity 1.3: Improved Toolbar Docking

In Audacity 1.3.2 and higher, you can easily dock, undock, and rearrange the location of all of Audacity's toolbars, including the selection bar. A new blue triangle visually indicates when you are about to dock a toolbar in a particular location.

First, click on the grabber to the left of a toolbar you wish to drag.

Drag the toolbar away from its original location.
If you release the mouse here, it will become a floating toolbar.

While dragging, position the mouse near an edge or between two other toolbars,
and a blue triangle appears, indicating a possible location you can dock the toolbar.

Release the mouse button near a blue arrow and the toolbar is docked in its new location.

Commands to hide or show toolbars are found in the View menu.

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