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Audacity 1.3:其他功能


和以前的版本一樣,Audacity使用一個有很多小檔案的資料夾來儲存工程。現在,Audacity 1.3使用一個具有階層結構的資料夾,以便在處理大的工程(如包含跨幾個音軌的、長達數十小時的音訊)時有更好的性能。


當您在Audacity 1.3中打開一個工程,程式將檢查是否有缺失的資料檔案。

使用 FTP 上傳

Up to and including Audacity 1.3.3, an experimental dialog was available for uploading files to a server via FTP. A future version of Audacity may re-introduce this feature as an optional plug-in.

基於 wxWidgets 2.6

舊版的Audacity是基於wxWidgets 2.4。這樣的改變使得Audacity在Unix平台可以支援GTK2工具,並且在所有平台上可以更好地支援Unicode,此外還有許多其它的小改進。

批次處理 / 清晰語音

Audacity has a new feature that allows you to process a batch of files, for example normalizing and converting to MP3. CleanSpeech mode provides a simplified interface for some standard adjustments typically made on speech recordings. You can access these features in the Interface Preferences.


Turning this feature on in the Tracks Preferences means that cutting audio in the middle of a clip does not remove it permanently - click on the cut line at any time to restore it.


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