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Audacity 1.3: Nya funktioner

Bättre prestanda med stora projekt

Som tidigare, så sparar Audacity ett projekt i en mapp full av små filer. Audacity 1.3 använder nu en hierarkisk mappstruktur, vilet resulterar i en bättre hantering av stora projekt (tiotals timmar med många spår).

Projektets struktur kontrolleras när det öppnas

Om du öppnar ett Audacityprojekt i version 1.3, kollar programmet att alla datafiler finns tillgängliga.

Skicka in via FTP

Up to and including Audacity 1.3.3, an experimental dialog was available for uploading files to a server via FTP. A future version of Audacity may re-introduce this feature as an optional plug-in.

Baserat på wxWidgets 2.6

Previous versions of Audacity were based on wxWidgets 2.4. This change brings support for GTK2 widgets on Unix and better Unicode support on all platforms, plus many other minor enhancements under the hood.

Satsvis bearbetning / CleanSpeech

Audacity has a new feature that allows you to process a batch of files, for example normalizing and converting to MP3. CleanSpeech mode provides a simplified interface for some standard adjustments typically made on speech recordings. You can access these features in the Interface Preferences.

Klipp linjer

Turning this feature on in the Tracks Preferences means that cutting audio in the middle of a clip does not remove it permanently - click on the cut line at any time to restore it.

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