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Audacity 1.3: Multiple clips per track

In Audacity 1.2, there is one audio 'clip' per track. There is no easy way to time-shift part of a track without moving the rest. In Audacity 1.3, you can split a single track into multiple clips. You can move these clips around between different tracks, making it easy to construct complex compositions out of hundreds of smaller audio samples.


The commands you will need to create and work with audio clips are found in the Edit menu. Some of these commands have the same name as in Audacity 1.2, but their behavior has either changed or has been extended to support new functionality.

There are five ways to end up with multiple clips in a single track:

  1. Split in the middle of an existing clip.
  2. Split Cut in the middle of an existing clip.
  3. Split Delete in the middle of an existing clip.
  4. Paste into an empty portion of an existing track.
  5. Drag a clip from a different track.

These commands, and other editing commands, are described in detail below. Alternatively, click on the item in the menu to the left to jump directly to that command.

Ander onderwerpe:


Verwyder die geselekteerde oudio, plaas dit op die knipbord, en skuif die daaropvolgende oudio na links.

Split Cut

Verwyder die geselekteerde oudio, plaas dit op die knipbord, maar skuif nie die daaropvolgende oudio nie. Die voorafgaande en daaropvolgende oudio is nou aparte stukkies wat onafhanklik geskuif kan word.


Kopieer die geselekteerde oudio na die knipbord.


Verwyder alle oudio van die huidige stukkie behalwe die geselekteerde deel. Dit affekteer nie ander stukkies in dieselfde baan nie.


Verwyder die geselekteerde oudio sonder om dit op die knipbord te sit en skuif die daaropvolgende oudio na links.

Split Delete

Removes the selected audio without placing it on the clipboard, but does not shift the following audio. The preceding and following audio are now separate clips that can be moved independently.


Replaces the selection with silence


Splits the current clip into up to three clips at the selection boundaries. The audio before, within, and after the selection can now all be shifted independently


Creates a new track containing only the current selection as a new clip

Paste - into an existing clip

When you select Paste and the cursor is inside a clip, the audio gets inserted into the middle of the clip and the following audio is shifted to the right to make room

Paste - into the empty part of a track

When you select Paste and the cursor is outside a clip, and there is enough room for the audio on the clipboard, the audio on the clipboard is inserted without any other clips being shifted over


If you select a region that overlaps one or more clips, they are all joined into one large clip. Regions in-between clips are treated as silence.

Moving clips between tracks

The time-shift tool can now be used to move a single clip between tracks. Just click and drag.

Moving multiple clips at once

To time-shift multiple clips at once, select all of the clips you want to move using the normal selection tool, then use the time-shift tool to click and drag. If you click within the selection, all selected clips will move together. If you click outside the selection, only the clip under the mouse cursor will move.

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