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These lists are for discussion about the Audacity audio editor.

Note: In line with our Privacy Policy, these are public lists - messages are seen by all list subscribers, and posted on several web sites where the messages are archived.


Discuss Audacity with other users and developers. 您必須訂閱才能在此通信論壇發信。

audacity-users 存檔及訂閱資訊


Get help with using Audacity as a visually impaired person. 您必須訂閱才能在此通信論壇發信。

audacity4blind 存檔及訂閱資訊


For developers working with the Audacity source code and documentation, and others interested in following our development process, or learning about compiling or developing our code. 您必須訂閱才能在此通信論壇發信。

audacity-devel 存檔及訂閱資訊

We now use a Bugzilla installation to track bugs and enhancements. To find issues to work on, please view our categorized Bug Lists.


For identification, characterization, and prioritization of bugs and user-facing issues. 您必須訂閱才能在此通信論壇發信。 You can write to our feedback address to make a report of a specific bug without subscribing to this list.

audacity-quality 存檔及訂閱資訊


Receive automatic notification of every change made to the Audacity source code. 您必須訂閱才能在此通信論壇發信。

audacity-svn 存檔及訂閱資訊


For translators localizing the Audacity software, web site and documentation. 您必須訂閱才能在此通信論壇發信。

audacity-translation 存檔及訂閱資訊


分享關於 Nyquist 外掛程式的問題和技巧。 您必須訂閱才能在此通信論壇發信。

audacity-nyquist 存檔及訂閱資訊