Audacity: Free Sound Editor and Recording Software

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Diễn Đàn Audacity cho Các Câu Hỏi và Vấn Đề

There is no technical support by e-mail or telephone. Most questions are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), documentation, and the additional Tutorials and Tips on the Audacity Wiki. All these resources are searchable using the search box top right of this page.

If you still need help, expert assistance is available on the Audacity Forum. Visually impaired users should ask for help on the audacity4blind mailing list.

To post a question on the Forum, register, confirm your registration then log in. Choose the correct subforum (for example, "Windows" in the Audacity 2.x Help Forum), click "New Topic" top left, then submit your message. Help in other languages can be obtained from various online forums including the Audacity International Forums.

Always give plenty of information when asking questions on the Audacity Forum. You can find more help with joining and using the Audacity Forum here.

Suggestions, Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Patches

You can e-mail us about any Audacity matter, but not for technical support - this is provided on the Audacity Forum. Please write in English language only. Please tell us your experiences of the Audacity program, documentation or web site. We particularly welcome the following:

Bug reports: Please check both the Release Notes for your specific version of Audacity 2.x and Reporting Bugs before making a report. We are not fixing bugs in the legacy 1.2 or 1.3 series - please upgrade to the latest version of Audacity instead.

Please include the following information. This is important.

  1. The exact three-section version number of Audacity (for example, 2.0.0) - you can check this at Help > About Audacity, or Audacity > About Audacity on Mac
  2. Your operating system (for example, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Intel Mac OS X 10.4)
  3. Details of what you were trying to do, including what steps led to the problem occurring, and the text of any error messages.

Patches: Code patches to fix problems or enhance features will be gratefully received. Please follow the guidance on the Submitting Patches page on the Audacity Wiki.

Danh Sách Thảo Luận

Đăng ký nhận tin với danh sách thư của chúng tôi để bàn luận về Audacity với cộng đồng các người dùng và nhà phát triển. Nhà phát triển C++: hãy tham gia danh sách thư của nhà phát triển để tìm hiểu về mã nguồn Audacity và đóng góp làm cho Audacity tốt hơn!